Aberdeenshire UNISON

Fighting Racism

UNISON is at the forefront of campaigning against racism in Scotland.

UNISON members care for the whole community - we won't allow racists to wreck Scotland's economic and cultural future.

Aberdeenshire Branch will play its part in tackling the scourge of racism and challenging the BNP. In April 2007 branch members joined others from UNISON to leaflet against the BNP before the Scottish Parliamentary elections, with the message, "Stop the BNP and their messages of hate."

And the branch campaigned to stop the BNP again in May 2010, when members leafletted before the General Election for "Hope not Hate."

UNISON Scotland has adopted three key objectives:

  • Tackling racism in the workforce/effective implementation of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
  • Promoting respect for asylum seekers and humane immigration rules
  • Combating the far right and promoting community cohesion

We have a comprehensive action plan to address these objectives. Actions to improve member and community awareness, negotiating meaningful race equality schemes with employers and challenging the BNP.