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Public Works Update April 2013

Axe the bedroom taxAberdeen Against the Bedroom Tax

Axe the Bedroom Tax
Public Meeting at
7pm on Thursday 25th April 2013

in the UNITE the Union Office,
44 King Street, Aberdeen.

Come along to a public meeting on the ConDem Government's punitive and unfair Bedroom Tax which came into force on 1st April 2013.

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As UNISON Scotland's John Stevenson told the STUC Congress last week, "Can you imagine anything more punitive than the Bedroom Tax?

"Only people sitting in their country mansions - who have never had to worry about rent, never had to wonder where a holiday is coming from or whether they can afford a Christmas - could have thought of that one.

"Another attack among benefit cuts that hit the working poor as well as the unemployed. Working poor in 2013?  People should be furious," said John.

Around 105,000 households in Scotland – a fifth of the social-rented sector – will lose £14 a week or more, with no option whatsoever to move, because the smaller houses are just not there. And that is even if you accept that people should be forced to move home – for that is what it is – a home not a flat, not a house – a home with memories, with neighbours and friends and support networks.

We need to take a stand to stop this Government in its tracks. To stop them heaping homelessness on top of poverty.