Aberdeenshire UNISON

Public Works Campaign
General Election 7th May 2015
What your candidates had to say

As part of our Public Works campaign your branch has written to each of our prospective parliamentary candidates who has provided an email address, to ask them to answer the following questions on public services, jobs, pay and the economy and what they would do to protect them.

We will publish their responses as we receive them and hope this will help you to decide on who you should vote for on May 7th.

No candidate replied to UNISON's questions!

What we asked them

  1. What will be the consequences for public services of the Conservatives proposed job cuts?
  2. If elected as my MP, how will you protect these threatened jobs?
  3. How will you ensure my pay makes up lost ground in the next parliament?
  4. How would further cuts to public services help me and the local economy, exactly
  5. Personal debt is rising again, how do you expect low-paid workers to make ends meet?
  6. How will you ensure rich individuals and corporations pay their taxes like the rest of us?
  7. How will you use further devolved powers to support and protect Scotland’s public services?