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Public Works Update 11 April 2010

Thousands turn out for UNISON march against the cuts

Activists march against cuts
Aberdeenshire branch officers and activists joined thousands of union members in a demonstration in Glasgow against public service cuts.

UNISON's march and rally in the city's west end on 10th April urged Scots to defend their services as the general election looms.

About 2,500 people took part in the event. The long line of marchers set off from Kelvin Way, walked through the west end before holding a rally in Kelvingrove Park.

Mike KirbyScottish convenor, Mike Kirby said the cuts were threatening various services, from classroom assistants' hours to mobile libraries and meals on wheels.

Mike said: "UNISON members, who deliver services across Scotland, are reporting that cuts are already threatening services for Scots from the cradle to the grave.

"And this is just the start of a sustained period of attacks on the public sector.

"As politicians vie with one another to out trump each other's cuts to pay for the bail out of the banks, we urge our members and community campaigns to join UNISON's Public Works campaign.

"We will urge them to tell politicians at all levels - in Westminster, in Holyrood and locally, that you will not accept cuts in our vital public services to bail out the fat cats."

UNISON's UK president, Gerry Gallagher, STUC general secretary, Grahame Smith, and the Scottish president of the Public and Commercial Services Union, Janice Godrich, also spoke at the rally.

'Own story'

Our members didn't cause the crash, and neither did the people we serve every day in communities across Scotland

Gerry Gallagher
UNISON UK president

A similar demonstration was held in London's Trafalgar Square at the same time.

Mr Gallagher said: "In Glasgow and in London today our key message is that public services should not suffer because of the bank bailout. "Our members didn't cause the crash, and neither did the people we serve every day in communities across Scotland.

"You all have your own story to tell. And tell them you should.

"Because it is the combined voice of public service workers and service users that need to be heard in corridors of power."


Public Works Update 18 March 2010

Public WorksUNISON - Fighting for you, your job and the services you provide.

A meeting for UNISON Members in the North East on Friday 9th April will no longer take place. However, the fight to defend our public services goes on. Please do your bit to support the campaign.

Neither those of us who work to provide public services, nor those who need and use them, caused this recession. It wasn't us gambled millions on the stock exchange. Why should we be the ones to pay? Do what you can to get this message across.

You are NOT part of the problem - you are part of the solution!!

Public Works Update 13 March 2010

Public WorksMarch and Rally against the Cuts,
Glasgow 10th April 2010

Assemble 9.30 at University Avenue, Glasgow. Rally at 11am in Kevingrove Park.

For more details and to book a seat on the coach, click here.

You are NOT part of the problem - you are part of the solution!!

When politicians and media commentators continually attack the public sector and those who deliver vital services, our union, UNISON, stands up for us and the communities we serve.

Neither we nor our service users caused this recession - we should not be the ones paying for the mistakes of high paid bankers!

Come along to the march and tell politicians and the media:-

  • We provide essential services - even more in demand during a recession
  • Public spending is vital to sustain economic recovery - cuts will only prolong the recession
  • We can afford it - UNISON has produced an alternative budget outlining how to pay for the crisis without cutting services

The Resource Centre is organising coaches. If you are interested in coming along to add your voice in defence of public services, please contact Lynne Duncan (Organising Assistant) on 01224 629995 or mobile: 07949 039825 to reserve a seat on the coach. Early responses appreciated. Any queries please get in touch.

Please also let us have details of any community groups that would be interested in coming along.


Public Works Update 3 March 2010

UNISON has organised a march and rally in Glasgow on Saturday 10 April to demonstrate the strength of opposition to cuts in public services. It is very important that we turn out in our thousands to show the politicians the strength of feeling among members and service users.

Many activists will be in Glasgow for the Scottish Council meeting but we would like to see a really good turnout at the rally of members and their families as well as local community groups. Please come along to defend your public services.