Aberdeenshire UNISON

Modernisation Review - Community Learning and Development
Aberdeenshire UNISON response

It should be noted that most, if not all of our members who responded sent their views direct. Some made response in considerable detail and UNISON has stated our view that all comments made must be fully evaluated and consideration given to them.

The main themes expressed by members are

  • there was difficulty in commenting for some as they could not see how their position would be placed by the proposal, in other words concern about "matching"
  • workers in Adult Basic Education see the proposal as ending their role as a specific strand of CLD work - they are also concerned about their status and where or how they will be dealt with in the 2.5 posts per CSN - they see their position as a demotion and are the only group so affected!
  • there are some specific concerns about workers who are part time and have 42 week contracts - they should be able to continue on that basis if they wish
  • there are issues about the workability between network and Area pressures from the proposal, workers feel that SCLWs should be allowed to focus on their network rather than have that diluted by area responsibilities for communities of which they have no direct experience
  • what is the before/after position of staff numbers ? - there is a feeling that there are more people than available posts resulting in redundancy - this should be clear and explicit
  • without person specs. members do not know which positions may be open to their interest
  • how are the Strategic Officers posts to be funded - this should not be at the cost of basic provision
  • there are serious concerns that Quality Assurance, a strong feature of CLD over the last 4 years has not resulted in a permanent position
  • the absence of the provision of clerical/admin support to deliver the service is criticised - it is felt that this review should haven these included this provision
  • Development Officer posts are welcomed but should be at the same level as geographic team leaders
  • a developed alternative structure was put forward which should be fully considered.

Bob Revie,
Branch Secretary