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Workers' Memorial Day Friday 28 April 2017
Remember the dead, fight for the living

Aberdeen remembers - Workers' Memorial day 2017

Kathleen Kennedy
Katheleen Kennedy

Aberdeen remembered all those who have lost their lives, been injured or made ill at their work at a moving and well attended Workers’ Memorial Day service on 28th April.

The weather was kind as a crowd gathered to commemorate International Workers' Memorial Day, to mourn those who have lost their lives, and to pledge to fight to ensure no other worker is killed, injured or made ill at their work.

Wreaths were laid by Aberdeen City Council, trade unions from Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire, the Aberdeen Trades Union Council who organised the event and from Unite the union.

ATUC joint-President, Kevin Hutchens welcomed everyone and asked for a two minute silence for everyone to remember and mourn those who did not return from their work.

Kathleen Kennedy, Aberdeenshire UNISON Equalities Officer spoke on behalf of Aberdeenshire. As a disabled worker herself she has first hand knowledge of the key importance of health and safety in the workplace.

Aberdeenshire representativesKathleen told those gathered that "Workplaces need to be adapted for disabled people. If that is done properly then this means there will be no health and safety issues for any employee." 

Kathleen reiterated that lessons must be learned from the tragedies of the past to make sure that they don't happen again in the future.

"We must remember the dead and all those whose health has been affected by doing their job but then we must go on and fight for the living."

Aberdeenshire was represented by Gavin Lord of the Health and Safety Unit, Alisaon Evison and Kate Ramsden and Kathleen Kennedy from the branch.

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