Aberdeenshire UNISON

8th Sept 2010

Branch helps James and Paul to bring clean water and toilets to Chiti Tilahar School, Nepal

James and Paul at Chiti Tilahar School, Nepal

The branch has agreed to donate £200 to sponsor James McDonald, a young person who is looked after by Aberdeenshire Council. James will be returning to Nepal to help in the construction of toilets and the installation of a sewage system and CLEAN water supply at Chiti Tilahar School in Nepal in Novemebr 2010. He will be supported on the trip by Paul Morrell, who is also a UNISON member and Branch Contact.


26th July 2010

You can help too!

Last year the branch helped sponsor James to trek in the mountains of Nepal as part of a group of looked after young people from the Who Cares? Scotland organisation supported by Paul.

This trek was very successful and extremely beneficial to all the young people involved in the trek. While there, the group visited 2 remote schools in the mountains and were overwhelmed when they met the children of the Chiti Tilahar School.

Approximately 800-900 children go there every day, some walking 2 hours each way to a school that has limited resources and no running water. The children do this because having an education is a way out of the poverty they're living in.

"The school, but more importantly the children made a huge impression on all the trekkers and was an extremely emotional experience for all involved," said Paul. "We had never met children or teachers so proud of their school and children so enthusiastic about education."

The current toilets for 900 pupils

"There and then a decision was made to raise enough money to install a clean water supply to the school. As well as clean water, we also intend to install a sewage system and toilets," he added.

Having raised sufficient money for the project, it is intended that James along with 3 other young people and their supportive adults will return to Chiti Tilahar School to help in the construction of the toilets along with the installation of a sewage system and CLEAN water supply. This is planned to happen this coming November.

Paul said, "This, clearly, would be a magnificent opportunity for James who, through no fault of his own, has had a very unfortunate start to life, while also leaving a lasting legacy of the "Who Cares? Scotland" trek."

In order to achieve this James and Paul need to raise about 3400 between them. They are presently planning and undertaking bag packing in local supermarkets, home bakes, car washing, raffles etc to help them reach their target. If you would like to support James and Paul to make a difference in Nepal, click on http://www.justgiving.com/jamesandpaulsloo and make a donation.