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June 11
Branch meets members and responds to consultation

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May 2011
Review of Home Care Supervisors

Aberdeenshire Council has begun a consultation on proposed changes to the pay, grading and job role of Homecare Supervisors which will see their pay slashed by thousands of pounds a year. UNISON is calling on members to respond to the consultation, which ends on 3rd June, and to copy the Branch into these responses.

The branch has sent out a Briefing to all our members who are Homecare Supervisors.

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary has also arranged a series of meetings with these members. For more information about these, please contact the UNISON Resource Centre on 01224 620624.

Inez Teece
Inez Teece

Inez, who represented UNISON on the modernisation review, said, "UNISON has expressed serious concerns about these proposals. We are aware that they represent a significant loss of pay for Homecare Supervisors and that members are all extremely worried about the impact of the proposals on their pay and terms and conditions, and also on the services they provide to vulnerable people.

"We are encouraging all our members who are Homecare Supervisors to respond to the Review. No one knows your job better than you and we need to hear your views on the proposed changes."

Members should look particularly at the Job Profiles to make sure that all the responsibilities of the job role have been included.

"If you feel that there are gaps in this, it is very important that you tell us so that we can ask for them to be re-evaluated," she added.

"The Branch would also like members' views on the general proposals and if you think they will work, and if not, why not? Please give us as much information as possible to help us to challenge the proposals on behalf of members.

"We already know that there are very real concerns that there is no career or pay progression; concern at the loss of pay; and concern at the potential for confusion for service users with the split in the roles. This is having a big impact on staff morale," Inez said

We know that this is a worrying time for members so please remember that the Branch is here to support you. If you need UNISON support please get in touch with Inez Teece, Branch Secretary by emailing Inez Teece or telephone: 01224 620624.