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13th April 2012
Inez becomes Vice Chair of Scottish Local Government Committee

Inez Teece
Inez Teece

Branch Secretary, Inez Teece has been elected as one of the two Vice Chairs of the Scottish Local Government Committee, which negotiates and delivers policy on behalf of all members in Local Government and related employers.

She took up the position following the first meeting of the newly elected Committee following the Scottish Local Government Conference on 13th April.

Susan Kennedy, Assistant Secretary, who was elected to a low paid women's seat on the Committee said, "This is a great accolade for the Branch to have Inez in one of the most senior positions in UNISON Scotland's Local Government organisation.

"It is great to again have representation at this level from the North East."

Bob Revie, who retired as Branch Secretary in 2010 formerly held this position for many years.

Local Government is UNISONScotland's biggest service group, covering a range of employees including those of all of Scotland's councils, Direct Labour and Direct Service Organisations, Trusts, Joint Boards, voluntary and related organisations and private companies.