Aberdeenshire UNISON

UNISON acts to stop the BNP and their messages of hate!

UNISON members and supporters handed out leaflets to voters in Turriff on Saturday 28th April urging them to vote against racist parties like the BNP. Stop BNP leaflet

Branch activists, Biff, Lesley, Richard, and Kate joined with Bettina from the UNISON Grampian Health Branch and Kate's son, to hand out leaflets warning voters to beware of the BNP and their racist policies.

This is part of a Scotland wide campaign of action to stop the BNP and other far right parties from peddling their messages of hate. The leaflets urged voters to keep the BNP out on May 3rd.

"UNISON is at the forefront of campaigning against racism in Scotland. We care for the whole community and we won't allow racists to wreck Scotland's economic and cultural future," said Kate Ramsden, Branch Chair.

"We are urging voters not to be fooled by the BNP. They masquerade as mainstream candidates but that hides their true colours. They are the worst kind of racists. They must not be allowed to represent us in the Scottish Parliament or our local councils. We must not allow them to sow their seeds of hate," she added.

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