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UNISON Scotland 2011 PAY CLAIM

Update Feb2011
UNISON will meet with Joint Trade Unions to discuss a pay claim to tackle low pay

Following a consultation with all Scottish local government branches, the meeting of branches on 4th Feb 2011 (Scottish Local Government Conference) agreed to discuss with GMB and Unite, a proposal to submit a 2011-12 pay claim which will tackle low pay.

The proposed claim, for a single year, would focus on a flat rate to benefit lower paid workers and would press for employers to introduce a Living Wage.

Kate Ramsden, Branch delegate to the Conference said, "Although CoSLA has imposed a pay freeze for 2011-2013, the meeting took the view that we should continue to press the employers to address the issue of low pay in the public sector, especially at a time when a pay freeze means a pay cut in real terms.

"As the costs of food and fuel rises and the VAT increase begins to bite, we must do what we can to protect and improve the circumstances of our low paid members, who are bearing the brunt of a financial crisis not of their making," she added.

UNISON will now discuss this proposal with GMB and Unite and will seek to agree a joint claim.


Jan 2011
Your views are needed

The employers have imposed a pay freeze for the next two years but the unions have not agreed to that. We now need your views on lodging a new claim for 2011/2012. Stewards are consulting members on a series of questions. Make sure your voice is heard.

Click here for UNISON Scotland Local Government Committee discussion paper

Tell your steward what you think or email the branch with your views.