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Day of Action on PensionsUpdate 12th Nov 2011

Day of Action for pensions justice on 30th November - More information

"Don't push us around on pensions." - All out on 30 November!

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UNISON members have delivered a majority 'YES' vote for strike action to protect their pensions.

Over 1 million UNISON members will join the other 2 million Public Sector union members on November 30th in the biggest strike Britain has ever seen. This action will send a clear message to the government that enough is enough.

Exemptions from Strike Action
If the strike is to be effective, it needs to be hard-hitting and solid. However it is not the unions' intention to put vulnerable members of the public at risk.

Life and Limb Cover Branches will consider requests for exemptions from the employer where there would be a direct danger to life and limb. Any members requested to cover these services should contact the Branch.

Special Cases Unison recognises that some members may suffer long term financial loss from strike action and should be allowed to work on that day.

They are:

  • Employees who are currently in their last year of service who are members of the local government pension scheme.
  • Pregnant women who have notified their employer of the expected date of birth.
  • People whose state benefits may be affected if they take part in strike action. Members should get advice from the Benefits Office/Citizens Advice Bureau to find out if or how it would affect them.

Any members receiving exemptions should consider donating a day's pay to the strike hardship fund.


Hardship fund

The Branch recognises that for some members it can be really hard to lose a day's pay. We operate a Hardship Fund and members in genuine financial difficulty as a result of taking a day's strike action can apply.

To get an application form or to find out more, contact your steward or the Resource Centre on 01224 620624.

Decent pensionLeave
Sick Leave & Pay
Workers who are absent on sick leave when a stoppage of work starts retain their right to sick pay during the period of strike action. If an employee reports sick on the day the actions starts, the employer will decide whether they are on sick leave or on strike.

Annual Leave Unison does not regard anyone who takes annual leave on strike days to be participating in strike action.

Shift Workers
Members whose shift starts on 29 November and finishes on 30 November will be expected to complete their shift but not to report for work for the shift starting on 30 November.

All members are expected to participate on the day so contact us at the UNISON Resource Centre on 01224 620624 to find out more!