Aberdeenshire UNISON

Vote Yes for new pension scheme

All UNISON members who are conditioned to the Local Government Pensions Scheme (LGPS) in Scotland will be balloted between the 3rd and the 21st March on whether to accept the new scheme.

UNISON is calling for a YES vote in the ballot and is calling on all members to recruit a friend.

Ballot papers will be dispatched to members on 3 March 2008 and the ballot will close on 21 March 2008. If a UNISON member has not received a ballot paper, or members have lost their paper, please contact the ballot helpline by 18 March 2008. Either phone 0131 226 0096 or email membershipteamscotland@unison.co.uk. Evidence of UNISON membership will be required.

Also enclosed with the ballot paper will be a ‘recruit a friend’ leaflet. At a time when quality pension schemes are under attack from employers there can be few better examples of the benefits of UNISON membership.

Negotiations on LGPS have reached on all the outstanding issues identified in the last update. A "Heads of Agreement" document has now been agreed which sets out the proposed changes to the scheme, and which will form the basis of regulations to be set before the Scottish Parliament. Click here to see the document in full.

Dave Watson, Scottish Organiser, and one of the lead negotiators for the Trade Unions side in the negotiations, attended the Branch AGM to explain the new scheme. Click here to see the AGM report.

"Pensions are probably the most important element of members' conditions of service and these changes are the most signiificant revision of the scheme since it was introduced," said Dave. "It is therefore very important that all members have the opportunity to understand the changes and I am delighted to be able to attend Aberdeenshire's AGM."

The key elements of the new scheme are as follows:

  • retained final salary scheme
  • improved benefits - 60ths scheme; better death benefits and partners' pensions; better pension protection
  • fairer contribution scale with most staff, especially lower paid members, paying less
  • further work on governance and cost sharing has been agreed

UNISON Scotland is calling for a YES vote in the ballot.

Click here for further information.