Aberdeenshire UNISON

Pensions Update November 2007

More areas of agreement than difference on new-look pensions scheme

Consultation has ended on the new look pensions scheme, as the three-way pension talks result in more areas of agreement than dispute between the trade unions, COSLA and the Scottish Government.

Full details of the proposed new pension scheme for those of you who understand such things, can be found on the UNISON Scotland website. For further details click here.

To see the full consultation document, click here.

It is expected to move to a ballot of all UNISON members who are in the Local Government Pension Scheme in the new year.

There is broad agreement that the future Local Government scheme should be a final salary one with an accrual rate of 1/60th, although this will depend on final costing.

There is also agreement on improved death in service provisions and partner pensions.

There are three main areas that require more work.

  • Cost Sharing and Governance: COSLA wants a 2:1 contribution rate. UNISON is trying to get full member representation on each fund.
  • Contribution Rates: There is general agreement on a banding system but more work needs done.
  • Ill health: There has also been positive movement in providing ill-health retiral for those who may not be permanently incapacitated but who are unlikely to work gainfully for several years but there is still work to be done here to avoid dismissals on the grounds of capability.

If you have views on the scheme so far, email the Branch Resource Centre.