Aberdeenshire UNISON


PRESS RELEASE 18th August 2014


Aberdeenshire UNISON gears up to win fair pay

Aberdeenshire UNISON is gearing up to win a YES vote in the forthcoming strike ballot for fair pay. Following a 65% yes vote in a consultative ballot, the union in Scotland is set to ballot council members on strike action.  The ballot will be held from 9th to 29th September 2014.

The Branch will hold two members’ meetings, the first in 53 Windmill Street, Peterhead on 21st August and the second on 25th August at Gordon House, Inverurie, both from 12-2pm. The Branch is also encouraging members to write to their councillors calling for fair pay.

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary said, “Our members are unhappy with the imposition of a 1% increase this year without reference to the agreed bargaining machinery.

“This can’t go on. We need to get back to proper negotiations with the Scottish employers on pay.

“We have all seen the value of our wages drop in real terms. Everything else has increased in price while our wages have stagnated.

“We are continually told that the economy is recovering, yet for local government employees the prospects continue to be as bleak as ever.”

Inez added, “This is a national Scottish fight and we must ensure that we deliver a resounding YES so that all local government employees across Scotland receive a fair wage for a fair days work.”


For further information contact
 Inez Teece, Branch Secretary on 07780781953
Kate Ramsden, Branch Chair on 07767027722


UNISON tells members “You’re Worth It”

Aberdeenshire UNISON will be telling staff who work for the council that they are “Worth It” when they make lunchtime visits to Woodhill House on Wed 26th March and Gordon House on 27th March.

The visits have been organized as part of the TUC Fair Pay Fortnight.

Dressed as key council workers, such as school crossing patrol staff and road workers, UNISON activists will highlight the very important work that public service workers do, and will tell staff that they are worth decent pay.

Inez Teece, Branch Secretary said, “Public services have taken a beating as a result of government cuts. Jobs have been lost and our members are working harder than ever to provide good quality services to the people of Aberdeenshire.

“We want to give a message to all staff that the job they do is essential and worth decent pay. We also want to say a big thank you to our UNISON members for all the hard work that they do.”

Inez added, “We are very pleased that Aberdeenshire Council has heeded our calls, and is now paying the Living Wage to all council staff. We are now calling on the council to spread the Living Wage wider, to include our members in the Community Sector, as part of the procurement process.”

Kate Ramsden, Branch Chair said, “The latest labour market statistics show that inflation is still rising around twice as fast as average weekly earnings and so the household budgets of many of our members are still tightly squeezed. Even if wages start to pick up, the real pay gap that has opened up looks set to take years to close.

“In contrast, top pay is increasing rapidly, demonstrating that we are far from all being in this together.”


For more information contact:
Kate Ramsden, Aberdeenshire UNISON Branch Chair 07767 027722
Inez Teece, Aberdeenshire UNISON Branch Secretary 07780781953