Aberdeenshire UNISON

Success for Appeals Training as 16 attend
Nov 2007

ParticipantsAs single status appeals begin, 16 branch officers, stewards and activists came along to a two day training event on the Appeals Procedure and the Job Evaluation Scheme, so that they can support members who have appealed their single status mapping.

A further training event is planned for the New Year so those who were unable to attend this time will have another chance to come along then.

Day one focussed on the CoSLA Job Evaluation Scheme which forms the basis of Aberdeenshire Council's pay and grading structure, and underpins the Job Families and Job Role Profiles. Participants looked at the 13 factors which make up the scheme and familiarised themselves with how these are applied. They undertook exercises in using the scheme to help them to see how they can support their members who believe they have been allocated the wrong factor score.

ParticipantsThe second session took activists through the Appeals Procedure itself, with a practical focus on how to support members at each stage of the appeals process.

"We were delighted that so many people chose to come along to the training and it was clear from their enthusiasm that they are keen to support their colleagues in UNISON," said Kate Ramsden, Branch Chair. Participants

"It is difficult just now to know exactly how the formal stages of the Appeals Procedure will work, because it is uncharted territory," she added. "However, we are as well prepared as we can be and it will be a case of learning more as we go along."

All those who attended felt that it had been a worthwhile training event and most have signed up to "shadow" branch officers at the informal appeals meetings set for the New Year.




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