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Implementation 1st July 2007

The Single Status Agreement between Aberdeenshire Council and the Trade Unions is now due to be implemented on 1 July 2007.

This date was originally set at 1 June 2007 but was put forward to allow the Council to complete all the necessary work.

Your increase in pay will be backdated to 1 January 2007 although you should be aware that weekend enhancements will not be backdated. This enhancement will change from 1 July 2007.

Payment of your backdated pay You should note that Aberdeenshire Council originally stated that all backdated payments due would be paid to all staff during the month of June. Unfortunately, this promise was made before the Payroll Section was consulted.

UNISON has now been told that all backdated payments due will be processed gradually. All staff should receive any backdated payment due by no later than October 2007. UNISON is unhappy that you have to wait but is aware of the massive task our members in the Payroll Section are undertaking.

Your Contract of Employment These will be issued to all staff during May and June. Please check your contract carefully. If the details are incorrect please contact the Single Status Helpline.

Your Single Status grade If you are not happy with your grade and wish to appeal you must submit the "Mapping Appeal Application Form" you receive with your new contract and submit it to the Council.

If you wish UNISON to support you throughout your appeal - please photocopy the "Mapping Appeal Application Form", write your UNISON Membership No. on the back and send a copy to this office. You will receive an acknowledgement from UNISON for receipt of the copy. If you have not received this acknowledgement from us within one month please give us a call.

Appeal process An appeal procedure was agreed as part of the Single Status negotiations. However, UNISON met recently with the Council to discuss practicalities of the process and found that some parts of the original agreed appeal procedure had changed.

Obviously, this caused UNISON some difficulties and the Council has agreed to review the process and reinstate the original agreed procedure. At the next meeting between Aberdeenshire Council and the Trade Unions the reinstatement of the agreed procedure should be confirmed.

UNISON is aware this is a stressful and confusing time for members affected by Single Status. We will do our utmost to ensure you fully understand the process, you receive appropriate advice and, of course, our continued support.




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