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Single status appeals

As you know all single status mapping appeals had to be submitted to Aberdeenshire Council by 30 September 2007.

In UNISON's previous bulletin to members we asked that if you submitted an appeal to the Council and you required UNISON assistance you send a copy of your appeal form to us. More than 300 members have done this - thank you - and each will have received an acknowledgement of their form from UNISON.

However, Aberdeenshire Council has told us that of the 2025 appeals submitted to them at least 600 are from UNISON members. Therefore, if you have submitted an appeal to the Council and have not sent a copy of your appeal to UNISON, you must complete the attached proforma and return it to us by 2 November 2007.

If you do not complete the proforma so that we hold your details it may mean that we will be unable to assist with your appeal.

Help needed!
The next few months are going to be very busy for the branch as many of our branch officers and stewards are going to be involved in the appeal process. More people trained to assist with supporting members through the appeal process would be a great help - is this something that would interest you? Full training and paid time off to deal with appeals will be available - please contact us on 01224 620624 or by email to bob.revie or inez.teece if you would like further information on this.

The deadline for lodging equal pay claims in respect of your pre single status grade is fast approaching - claims must be lodged within 6 months (minus one day) of any change of contract. If you think you may have claim or would like to discuss it further please contact the branch as soon as possible.




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