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SINGLE STATUS UPDATE 19th November 2007



Aberdeenshire Council has now begun the appeals process.

Some appellants have received notification of an "informal appeal" appointment. If your appeal is logged with UNISON and you receive notification of this please get in touch as soon as possible in order that we can allocate the appropriate support for you.

Please also let us know when you receive the outcome of the informal appeal.

So, how should you prepare?
Those of you who have submitted appeals should now be preparing for your mapping appeal hearing. You should be looking at the job profile you have been mapped to and the job profile you believe you should have been mapped to. Look at the difference between them. What evidence do you have that you should be mapped to a different profile?

Look at your job description - is it out of date? What does your job actually involve? How much time do you spend on different aspects of your job? Have you had written instructions to carry out different/extra tasks since your original job description? Have you taken on extra responsibilities since your original job description? Have you been required to undertake any training as essential to your job?

Look at the job evaluation scheme (now posted on the Council's Arcadia system) - the generic factor levels for your job can be found in the booklet issued by Aberdeenshire Council to each employee - Job Role Profiles. Do you think your actual post should have a higher factor level in some areas - if so, where?

Try to build a true picture of your role and responsibilities. Gather as much hard evidence as you can. Remember, this is your job - you are the one who knows exactly what you do. Although it may be some months before your appeal is heard - you need to be prepared!

If you have any queries or require clarification please contact the Resource Centre.





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