Aberdeenshire UNISON



UNISON has had further meetings with Aberdeenshire Council and has received a package of information. However, the proposals provided to us are lacking vital information.

The Council has shared a proposed new job structure and set of basic wages. What we do not have is the information i.e. the job evaluation scores to say where all the posts fit into the pay structure. This means we are unable to check if the proposed grade structures are acceptable. UNISON made it clear to Aberdeenshire Council that we cannot negotiate on issues without facts.

Guidance was issued by the umbrella organisation of Councils and Trade Unions, the Scottish Joint Council (SJC). This organisation provides advice to councils across Scotland about council matters including Single Status.

Below is an extract of the advice “Agenda for Discussion To promote local negotiation and ensure that single status is as open and transparent as possible and to foster an environment of high trust the following issues should form part of these discussions. The list is not exhaustive. - The sharing of Job Evaluation data with signatory trade union representatives in as meaningful and as full a way as possible at the earliest practical opportunity……..”

As a result of Aberdeenshire Council failing to give UNISON vital information and failing to follow the SJC advice, we have registered a “failure to agree” and written to the SJC. This means, at the present time, we feel unable to continue with negotiations.

We have asked the SJC to encourage Aberdeenshire Council to comply with the guidance they are signed up to. Normally in the negotiation process, we issue joint communications with the Council.

It is hoped we will be in a position to do this in the future when the Council provide the appropriate information. In the meantime, we will continue to communicate with UNISON members on a regular basis. We hope that future communications on Single Status will be more positive.   



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