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You are probably aware that some other local authorities in Scotland have made cash offers to some of their staff.

This money is to compensate for past pay inequality. Some jobs, particularly male manual jobs received a bonus payment while other jobs, particularly female manual jobs, did not.

The Equal Opportunities Commission amongst others think this is unfair and discriminatory. In order to remedy this local authorities are making a compensation payment to some of their staff. The law allows up to five years service in a job to be taken into account when these payments are calculated.

This is not about regrading jobs it is about compensating for past inequality.

It is hoped Aberdeenshire Council will be in a position to make an equal pay offer to some of its staff (mainly manual female workers) in the near future.

Please remember:

If you think you may be entitled to a compensatory payment in respect of equal pay the law says there is a deadline for claiming - if you change your job or contract, leave or retire you only have 6 months (minus one day) for your claim to be submitted to an Employment Tribunal we need to know well in advance so that we can process your claim. If this applies to you tell us now!

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