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UPDATE 24 MAY 2006



Aberdeenshire Council is in the process of writing out to certain groups of staff to make a compensatory offer in respect of equal pay. The groups of staff we have been told will be included in the offer at this time are as follows:

Lunchtime Auxiliary

SFL Auxiliary

Care Assistant

Catering Assistant

Catering Supervisor

Children’s Escort

Children’s Supervisor

Crèche Worker

Assistant Cook


Supervisor Cook

Tea Room Assistant

Domestic Assistant



Chargehand Cleaner

Keyholder Cleaner

Public Convenience Cleaner

Supervisory Cleaner


These are mainly female manual worker posts which did not receive the bonus which was typically given to male manual worker posts. Most local authorities in Scotland will be offering a payment to certain groups of staff on this basis. If you decide to accept this offer you will be asked to sign a legal form – a compromise agreement. Enclosed with this update is Aberdeenshire UNISON’s recommendations and a "your questions answered" factsheet which explains the implications of signing this form in more detail.

Members receiving this offer will be invited by the Council to attend a signing session – there will be independent legal advisors at these sessions that you can seek advice from. UNISON representatives will also be at these session – please feel free to come and talk to us.

We are aware that not all members receiving this update will be affected by equal pay. We have asked Aberdeenshire Council to supply us with the details of our members who are to receive a compensatory offer in respect of equal pay – they have stated they are unable to provide us with that information.

We believe that some staff groups have not been given an offer at this time or have been "missed off" the list – if you think you may have a claim based on bonus please get in touch.

Equal pay claims can also be made in respect of traditionally female jobs being paid less for traditionally male jobs, or vice versa, which are of equal value. We do not have all the information to identify these claims at the present time. However, if you think this situation could apply to you – please contact the office.

Please remember:

If you think you may be entitled to a compensatory payment in respect of equal pay – the law says there is a deadline for claiming - if you change your job or contract, leave or retire you only have 6 months (minus one day) for your claim to be submitted to an Employment Tribunal – we need to know well in advance so that we can process your claim. If this applies to you – tell us now!

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