Aberdeenshire UNISON

UPDATE 17th October 2006


We last wrote to you prior to Aberdeenshire Council beginning the consultation period on the Single Status proposals. At that time we indicated UNISON would also consult with you on the proposals in the last two weeks of October.

At a meeting of the Single Status Negotiating Team on Friday 13 October it was evident that the proposals were incomplete, that is, some aspects were not clear and some changes needed to be made. An example of this is the appeal procedure which is not yet finalised and agreed.

UNISON believes more time is needed for negotiation on the final aspects of the proposals. Therefore, we now intend to ballot our members in mid November once we have the final proposal. Until that time we will continue negotiating on your behalf and to pass on all issues raised by our members to the Single Status team. Click here to see UNISON's response to the Single Status consultation. If your views are not included in this response let us know by emailing aberdeenshire@unison.co.uk

We apologise for this delay in consulting you but it is necessary so that we can continue to negotiate fully on your behalf.

We will contact you again in November.

Remember only trade union members will be able to vote on this issue.




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