Aberdeenshire UNISON

UPDATE 5th January 2007

What the Branch says about

Aberdeenshire Council's SINGLE STATUS Proposals


  • Aberdeenshire Council has invested a great deal of money in Single Status
  • Aberdeenshire Council has listened to the comments from both the workforce and the trade unions and has made some changes to the mapping and terms and conditions
  • The pay model, terms and conditions and some of the individual evaluations and mappings have been checked and approved by an independent expert on job evaluation, there will also be a follow up Equality Impact Assessment 6 months after implementation
  • There is an agreed appeals procedure
  • The majority of people are going up or staying the same under the proposals
  • Jobs will have a chance to be redesigned under Service Reviews in order to maintain or increase earnings
  • The same set of terms and conditions will apply to all workers


  • There has been a lack of involvement of job holders in the process
  • The Council do not intend to give you your individual job evaluation score
  • A large number of employees disagree with their job mapping
  • There has been a reduction in the rate for Sunday working
  • There remain a significant amount of jobholders that have not been evaluated or mapped to the new pay structure - they do not know how Single Status will affect them
  • There will be a series of Service Reviews over the coming months - your job may change again