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1.1 In the first 3 weeks of the consultation period (18 September to 6 October) UNISON held seven open surgeries to allow our members to speak to us about the single status proposals and how they were affected by them.

1.2 We did not take a head count and many of the members who came to see us did so as a representative or spokesperson for others at the workplace. That said, I would estimate that we have the views of around 900 of our members out of a current total of 1947 in the Council.



2.1 The main issue raised by almost everyone was the "mapping" process. While specific points are raised later in this response, two general points emerged.

2.1.1 The absence of employee/jobholder involvement in the process. Some who had been interviewed for job evaluation felt strongly that they should have had individual feedback from their interview, as was promised by the Job Analyst Team. Others who were not interviewed under job evaluation similarly felt that as no one asked their views they have no ownership of, or confidence in, the exercise.

2.1.2 "Mapping" based on the views and understanding of managers is viewed with extreme scepticism. Indeed during the consultation the Helpline has advised callers to discuss their concerns with their line manager and when they have followed this up their manager has no knowledge of the process. In some cases managers have agreed to champion the case to have the mapping altered. There is a strong view that senior management have no knowledge of the detail of day to day jobs in their organisation, and in an organisation of this size neither could they. As a result many mapping decisions appear to have been made on the basis of existing pay or on job title. For this scheme to be robust the main criteria needs to be the job content. Our membership is not satisfied this has been done.





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