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Pathways training event for women members
- a very successful event

Pathways partcipants A Pathways course was held in Aberdeen on 12/13 November 2009. Around 13 women attended from the branch.

“I really enjoyed the day and felt a great sense of being part of something bigger, and hearing everyone’s stories. I have a meeting coming up with a manager and feel much better about tackling it after the Pathways day."

Lynne Duncan, Organising assistant, who organised and tutored the course said, "It went really well. All the women who came along took part fully in the event and I think got a lot out of it – they are all certainly more informed about UNISON and how the skills they already use in their everyday life are transferable to participating in the union.

"We don’t push anyone to get involved at the end of the training but all the participants agreed to recruit within their workplace and to attend the branch AGM next year. On top of this, several have agreed to be contacts and some have agreed to become stewards," added Lynne.

“This was a great group of women to work with—they made my job very easy. Most of them had never met before but because they were all so open and friendly it was like they had known one another for years. There was a wealth of talent and skills on the training and I hope everyone left feeling more confident about using their skills both in the union and in everyday life. I’m really looking forward to meeting up with everyone again soon.”
Lynne Course tutor

There will be a half day follow up with the participants after the branch AGM to see how they are getting on and to support them with their development.

Lynne thanked the branch committee for their donation of £600.00 towards the cost of the event. She also thanked the branch for the support and assistance received from stewards and officers, particularly Inez Teece and Tricia Morrison, both with organising the training and also for their participation.

"This has been a very successful event which has encouraged more women to get involved in their union. Who knows – maybe we can do it all over again next year!"


Pathways leafletWhat is a Pathways Course?
This course is aimed at women members and new activists who would like to find out more about UNISON and to see how the skills they already have can be used in a union setting. The Nov 2009 course was held in Jury's Hotel, Aberdeen with accommodation provided.

"UNISON has run this course in other areas and has been successful in encouraging new activists to come forward and support the work of the local branch," said Lynne Duncan, Organising Assistant. "If there is more interest from women members we will be happy to run the course again."

Find out more about your union
Do you want to find out more about your union? Pathways into UNISON is your chance to find out all you need to know.

Aberdeenshire Branch of UNISON is growing - we now have almost 3000 members and the vast majority of our members are women. There is always a need for more activists to support the branch and at the moment women are under-represented in our branch team.

Have you every thought about becoming more active in UNISON, even in a small way, but don't know much about it? Maybe you don't think you have the skills or are not sure what is involved.

To give our members the opportunity to find out more, the branch is arranging Pathways into UNISON Courses. The course is aimed at women who want to find out how the union works and explore the many different ways to get involved.


What is Pathways?
Pathways is a course that has been specifically developed for women members to provide a general introduction to UNISON and women’s involvement in the union.

How will Pathways benefit me?
The course will provide an opportunity for you to gain confidence in your skills and abilities and to recognise how they can put these to use in union work without having to commit all your spare time and energy. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends and take time out from your busy life.

How is the course run?
The course is tutored by women and runs over 2 days, usually at a local hotel so that participants can stay overnight if they want to. You don’t need any qualifications and Pathways courses are always very informal and relaxed.

Will I get time off work to attend?
Those attending may be entitled to paid time off from their workplace and the branch will try and negotiate paid time off for you with your employer. All expenses will be covered by UNISON.

If you would like more information or are interested in attending please contact Lynne Duncan, Organising Assistant on 01224 629995.